Ladies League – LRGC

Ladies’ League 


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Purpose of the League:

Equip women with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely handle and fire a weapon with ease and precision.



Ladies will:

  • Learn and apply safety rules for handling a firearm;

  • Understand and follow commands given by the Range Safety Officer;

  • Understand the selection of ammunition (fps-feet per second);

  • Learn to load and unload a firearm;

  • Learn to aim and fire a weapon at a target from varying distances;

  • Learn to diagnose and correct malfunctions;

  • Learn to maintain a firearm (cleaning and breaking it down);

  • Clean the range after each session and appropriately dispose of spent shells;

  • Learn to utilize the outdoor range;


One of the following is required before entering the range:

  • Member of the Lowellville Rod and Gun Club

  • Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

  • Safety Class certificate from LRGC

  • (Periodically a free safety class is offered at the club. Gun, ammo, eye/ear protection is provided)


What you will need:

  • Firearm and Ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection


Fees Per Session:

  • $2. for members and $6. for non-members.
  • Money collected will be used for targets: Other items needed for the league.



We welcome non-members as well as members of LRGC. This league has a non-competitive atmosphere with the goal of helping the ladies to develop the skills necessary for handling firearms. Safety is paramount. Our group’s skill level ranges from beginners to more experienced shooters. We help and encourage one another.

Please consider joining our league and prepare to learn, practice shooting and safely have lots of fun!


General Information

Our Range Safety Officer is retired Air force with plenty of experience handling firearms. He’s patient with the ladies and offers suggestions on how to improve and also conducts periodic maintenance.


Future Plans:

  • Self-Defense

  • Competition

  • Fundraising Activities