Youth shooting sports program

 Event Flyer: Youth shooting sports program_5_11_17

Provided by the Youngstown Rifle and Pistol club

Come and join us to learn shooting sports skills and firearm safety. This program is open to all youth from the ages 9-18. Our instructors are NRA certified in all shooting disciplines and firearm safety instruction. Youngstown Rifle and Pistol Club will supply all firearms and ammo needed for your shooting experience at no cost to you.

Courses of training will be pistol, rifle, and shotgun. We will work on basic pistol, basic rifle, and basic shotgun trap shooting at first. As the students skills improve we will move into more progressive aspects of these firearm disciplines.

For further information please contact John at (330-519-6891)

When: the 4th Thursday of each month @6:00 pm come early

Where: 8900 & 8920 Shaffer Rd, North Jackson, OH 44451

Web site: